Dear Friends & Family,


Thank you so much for reading our story on our website where we tried our very best to articulate the dream in our heart to plant a new, life-giving church in Queens, NYC. We hope that our excitement, expectation, and confidence for what God is going to do shined through. 


This is a day we have been anticipating for a long time. We always knew that from the moment we said, “I do…” God was calling us into ministry together. We didn’t know what type of impact our relationship would have on the people around us. We have seen God do amazing things through our ministry in South Texas. We are anticipating and praying for God to do the same as we enter this new journey of planting a Gospel-Centered Church in Queens, NYC. 


We want to personally thank you for playing a significant part of our story. Thank you for believing in us and taking a chance on us. Thank you for serving alongside us. Thank you for pouring into us and shaping us into the people that we are today. We know that without a shadow of a doubt that we would not be the followers of Jesus and leaders that we are today without your investment into our lives.


As we move in faith toward this dream in our heart, we will be counting on the prayers and financial support of people who believe in us – to not only support the launch of this church, but to also support our family personally.


One thing that God has impressed on my heart (Danny) is that my first step in the church planting process is to take care of my family. I fully understand that without my wife and our faith to step out to pursue this, as a healthy married couple, there is no Queens Church NYC. 


My (Danny) desired occupation will be a church planter. This will require me to be fully focused on church planting training, connecting with people in our city, building a launch team, and working toward our worship services. 


Know that Summer and I are fully planning to be bi-vocational, which means that we will work in the city to help with our financial support, but our prayer is that you would consider how you can partner with us. 


Planting a church in a neighborhood where the average rent for a 700 sq. ft. apartment averages $2,200/month is expensive. Expensive, however not impossible! There is absolutely no way we can embark on this journey alone. We would be honored to have you partner with us as we continue to plant Queens Church. 

Please understand that with this budget request, the purpose is to see our relationship and marriage thrive – not just survive – in this season as we live in this city to plant Queens Church. 


Here is our Partnership Goal: 125 Partners giving $20/month. This amount helps provide half the salary needed to live in NYC. We realize that some can give more and some can't. So our desire is that you would prayerfully consider how God could use you to partner with us! 

Would you please pray and consider supporting us as we launch this church? We would be honored to have you as one of our personal partners. 


Know this: we are good ground. We guarantee that we will honor your gifts with faithful stewardship, ethical business practices, and accountability so that you can have full confidence in the financial integrity of our family and church. 


BT Church (in McAllen, Tx) is our Sending Church, which means that BT Church has agreed to house and facilitate all of the donations given to us. So know that all donations given to us are 100% tax deductible. Any funds that come in above and beyond our allotted salary will go directly to our launch budget, to help get the church started. 


We ask that you please pray and ask God how He would like you to give:

  • Option 1: Give Online: There is a pledge card below that you can fill out to either give a one-time gift or become a monthly partner. Click the Button below labeled "Click Here to Officially Partner" to give online!

  • Option 2: Give Through Text: (See Instructions Below)

If you have any questions or would like to hear more about Queens Church NYC, please call me at 956-802-3452 or email us at anytime.


Again, thank you so much for believing in us, investing into us, and praying about supporting our family in this new season.


We love and appreciate YOU!


Danny and Summer 

Pledge Card

Please be aware that filling out the Pledge Card is completely optional and is simply letting us know how you plan to partner with us! To officially partner, click the link to the right of the Pledge Card. That link will take you to the Giving Portal. Thanks! 

Partner With Us!


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Step 2: Type in desired amount to give!

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