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Bryant Takeover

Updated: Mar 6

Well, it's official. We are making our THIRD MOVE for our Sunday Morning Services as Queens Church!

Queens Church will now meet at Bryant High School!

This is one of the joys of church planting. I say "joys" sarcastically in a sense because it's often hard to know whether our church will have a meeting space or not...! That's definitely something we're not used to... But I also say "joys"in the sense that every time we've needed a new location, God has shown up in BIG WAYS. When we were asked to not meet at P.S. 151, God showed up by providing Colorwerx Studio (read more about that here : While we are extremely grateful for being able to meet at Colorwerx, here are some amazing reasons why we are SO PUMPED about meeting at Bryant HS:

  • Closer Walk for our People! || After several surveys, we found out that the majority of people would be willing to walk 10-12 mins max to get to a church. At Colorwerx, we were at that max and it was a difficult spot for our people to get to. Bryant High School is right in the middle of our neighborhood!

  • Half the Price! || While Colorwerx was great, it was also pricey to rent for a Sunday Morning! Bryant will definitely save us a lot of money!

  • MORE SPACE || One of the issues we ran into was not having enough space! At our Christmas service we had about 80 people (families + kids). Definitely our biggest service! As we looked at the crowd we realized that we couldn't add much more chairs to our set up. With God opening up Bryant HS, we now have access to two classrooms for Q|C Kids and the schools auditorium which has 500+ seats! We are praying God fills every one of them!

As we met with the Principal of Bryant HS, it was such an encouraging meeting! She was really excited about us being there and she brought up a ton of different ideas of ways that we can partner with Bryant HS beyond just using their space on Sunday mornings (for ex. finding ways of serving the school). She then went on to bring in several of the staff to her office so that we could meet them!

So here are a couple of things you can pray for:

  • Pray for the Staff + Leadership of Bryant HS

  • Pray for the details of our transition

  • Pray for those that will join us on Feb 2nd for our first service at new location

  • Pray that Queens Church is able to partner with Bryant HS beyond Sundays

  • Pray for our Staff + Volunteer Team

We are SO GRATEFUL for your prayer + financial partnership with us! NONE of this could happen without YOU! Thanks for taking time to read about what's happening at Q|C. Thank you for following our journey. Thank you for praying with us!

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We Love + Appreciate You!

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