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For a Generation to Come

I was talking to a buddy of mine a couple of weeks ago who had messaged me on instagram asking how we are doing. First off, GRATEFUL for the people that ask us how we are doing! We LOVE living in NYC. We LOVE getting to start a brand new church. But let's be real, we post the exciting stuff on social. Everyone does. So when someone messages us to see how we're doing, it means the world and gives us that great push. Thanks Bryan!

As I was sharing some of the victories and difficulties of church planting, he said this to me, "You are building a church that will last for decades, not just moments."

Decades. Not just moments. Wow. Talk about vision casting! We are a culture that's so about the instantaneous instagrammable moments that I wonder how often we forget to LOOK FARTHER than what's in front of us. It definitely was a word that I needed to hear.

But God didn't stop there. Just the other day during my devo Bible reading, I was spending time in Psalm 102. It's a phenomenal Psalm.If you've never read it, stop reading this, bust out your Bible and go read that instead. Context of this Psalm : it's a prayer of complaint. The author of this Psalm was complaining to God for their current situation. I think a lot of us can maybe relate to that. But so often our prayers are complaining to God for life not being the way we want it and then we stop there.

Psalm 102.12 : "But you, O LORD, are enthroned forever; you are remembered throughout all generations."

Love this! The author of this Psalm goes from complaining to REMEMBERING. There's going to be moments where life isn't going the way we want it, but rather than focusing our energies on complaining on what God hasn't done, let's try remembering what God has done. It's right here that we are reminded that we serve, love, worship the God of GENERATIONS. God is not just the God of our generation. He's the God of the generations before us and the ones that will come after this.


Psalm 102.18 : "Let this be recorded for a generation to come, so that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD."

If this verse doesn't fire you up for ministry, you need to check your pulse! Christian, the work that we get to do in serving the local church, whether it's a brand new church or a church that's been there for 100 years, is not just for us to experience moments but laying the ground for those that will come AFTER US, those not even created yet that God already knows about. What we're doing RIGHT NOW for the local church doesn't just affect the people around us but those that will come after us! because we serve the God of generations.

Praise God for allowing us to already experience awesome moments at Queens Church. Baptisms, growth numerically and spiritually. It hasn't been the easiest (3 locations in 6 months... zero fun but God has a plan). But in moments when it's difficult, my hope is we turn our complaining to praising and that we would be mindful of the fact that this is all about decades, not just moments.

We are praying big things for Queens NYC as God continues to use Queens Church and all the other Gospel-Centered churches around us. We have no idea the impact that we'll make in the years to come but we're excited for what God is doing now and praying that our work will not just make a difference for us but those that will come after us.

We are SO GRATEFUL for your prayer + financial partnership with us! NONE of this could happen without YOU! Thanks for taking time to read about what's happening at Q|C. Thank you for following our journey. Thank you for praying with us!

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