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Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This is our Launch Story.

Back in January we began Monthly Worship Services called The Gathering to begin gathering people together for Worship and to study God's Word. This was simply a way for us to practice setting up and tearing down for services and to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood. Our desire from the beginning was to be in a specific neighborhood of Queens called Woodside. During our monthly services, God had provided a place for us to meet called P.S. 151, a local elementary on our block. We met inside their cafeteria and would transform that place into a worship center for our monthly services.

As we were preparing and praying for the official Launch date of Queens Church, moving from monthly services to weekly services, we landed on September 22nd. The entire time we had an amazing relationship with P.S. 151 and were prepared to move forward with weekly services at that location. It was the perfect spot for us to be, right in the heart of the neighborhood!

Launch Day comes, our team is extremely excited and we had an amazing service! We saw 86 people at our Launch and we had 3 people fill out a connect card desiring to be baptized! We were finally able to tell the people joining us for worship to "Come back next week!" instead of saying "Come back next month!..."

The next day, we were sitting at our favorite coffee shop in the neighborhood, enjoying coffee and celebrating the fact that God got us to this point of starting weekly services and looking forward to Sunday morning. THEN, the news dropped on us. We got a message from Larry, our ministry partner and co-planter of Queens Church, that due to circumstances out of our control, we were NO LONGER able to meet at P.S. 151 anymore for our church... We had passed out so many flyers with the address to P.S. 151 and have been telling everyone in the area about that being our meeting space!

You can imagine how we felt! Going from such a high to a LOW. Now we had to find an entirely new venue and tell all of our people of that location change. But God always shows up in huge ways.

We jumped on the phone and started calling any place possible within a 10 minute walking distance from our original spot (we had done personal research and surveys of people when we got here, one of the things we found out was that obviously for most the main form of transportation is walking and majority of people are NOT WILLING to walk more than 10 minutes to get to a church. So we wanted to keep it close, which also means there's not a whole lot of option...)

Later on in the day we finally got set up with a phone meeting with a place called Colorwerx Studio and as we're talking with the owner and telling him with what we desire to use the space for (a church on Sunday mornings) he told us, "Man, that's crazy that you say that... I'm a new believer and I literally woke up this morning thinking and praying how we can use this spot more as a ministry..." We asked if we could see it in person, he invited us over and set us up real well and gave us a sweet discount on the place! God knew what He was doing!

We recently had our first service there and we absolutely love it and we are praying that this will be a long term spot for us!

We are so pumped that Queens Church has officially Launched! Pray with us as we now have Weekly Services, that people would come, hear the Gospel, come to know Jesus and grow in their faith!

Thanks for praying with us!

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We Love + Appreciate You!

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