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Twenty / Twenty

|| T W E N T Y N I N E T E E N

So much took place in 2019 in the life of Queens Church. Still can't believe how fast time has gone but as we looked back and reflected on last year, we were able to be a part of so much. I mean a year ago, there was no church to talk about. NOW Queens Church exists! C'MON!

We started to write down the things that we were able to be a part of in our ministry at Queens NYC as we launched Queens Church. Here's what we came up with:

  • Jan | Launched Q|C Monthly Services

  • Mar | Launched Q|C Growth Track Leadership Development + Serve Teams

  • Jun | Launched Q|C Summer Internship Program

  • Jul | Launched QNS Young Adults Monthly Worship Gathering

  • Sep | Launched QNS CHURCH!! (Weekly Services)

  • Oct | Launched Small Groups + began the development of QNS YTH Program

  • Nov | Organized our First Q|C Women's Conference

  • Dec | Celebrated our First Christmas at Q|C

On top of these HUGE MOMENTS, a couple of things we were able to lead out in included:

  • Worship Leading

  • Preaching/Sermon Series Development

  • QNS Church Branding/Promotion through Social Media

|| T W E N T Y T W E N T Y

Normally the view of a Church Plant is your Launch Year being Year 0, kind of like your birth year (from 0-1). So with 2019 being Year 0, 2020 will be Year 1. For us we feel like:

Year 0 = Season of Launching || Year 1 = Season of Growing.

We're so pumped to get into this new season of 2020 and see how we can GROW in the things we were able to see God launch.

With the reality of being a part of a brand new church, so much of our finances given are going to the ministries + facilities of Queens Church, so unfortunately we are not at a place to be supported full-time by the church yet. (I say YET because we are believing that that's coming one day!) There is absolutely NO WAY we can embark on this journey ALONE.

The reality is NONE of this would've been possible without your generous financial partnership with us! So many of you reading this have already partnered with us in 2019 and we are BEYOND GRATEFUL for your prayerful and financial partnership with us! We pray that you continue to partner! If you are reading this and have yet to partner with us we would ask that you consider praying how you can be a part of our Financial Partnership Team in 2020. Here's our goal as we begin 2020:

20 Brand New Partners giving $20/Month.

We would be honored to have you partner with us as we continue to plant Queens Church. If you are planning to join our Partnership Team please let us know! It helps us budget as we continue to go forward!

Thanks for reading this. Thank you for following our journey. Thank you for praying with us!

If you desire to join our Partnership Team visit

We Love + Appreciate You!

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